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Dr Leonardo Sierra

Mexico's Top Periodontal Specialists

Dr Leonardo Sierra is the leading Authority on Periodontal treatments in Mexico, with an Impressive and highly acclaimed professional curriculum and reputation, Dr Sierra is at the top of his speciality and is a published author, Scientific advisor, fellow of the ICOI, Founder and chairman of the Implantology department of Mexico’s most prestigious Universities.

Graduated National University of Mexico (UNAM) 1983 with honors.
Periodontics specialty in 1985 in Postgraduate Division in UNAM
Master in Science program in Dentistry 1985-1986
Professor in Postgraduate Division of Dental School in UNAM 
Founder of Implantology department at Postgraduate 
Division of Dental School in UNAM in 1990
Chairman of Implantology department at Postgraduate 
Division of Dental School in UNAM from 1991 to 1997
President of the Academy of Periodontics in Mexico City 

Member of:
“International Congress of oral Implantologists (ICOI)”
“Asociación Dental Mexicana” 
“American Academy of Periodontology”
“Academy of Osseointegration”

Certificate from Mexican Council of Periodontics 

Member of Medical Association of MedicaSur Hospital from 1999

Author of several scientific papers related to Periodontics and Dental Implantology
Co author of the book “Fundamentos Estéticos para la Rehabilitación de Implantes Oseointegrados” 

Keynote Speaker of more than fifty lectures - United States, Mexico,Chile, Panama & Ecuador 
Acknowledgments and Awards from:
National University of México (UNAM) for 15 years Excellence
Professor and founder of Implantology Department
Mexican Dental Association (ADM) professor  & Lecturer
Lifecore Biomedical (Implant Brand) as a Scientific Advisor
Fellow of the ICOI 

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